Broadcast Journalism

I was always old school. I loved writing, loved seeing it in print, and loved whatever small picture would go along with it. As of 8 years ago, the journalism industry changed into something completely new.

Audio Broadcast Journalism:

I have never been a fan of this. I always changed the channel when I would listen to it with my father in the car. I found it boring and the content incomplete. However, in my senior college class, I learned that it was probably becauseĀ  journalist were doing a bad job.

Today, what you listen to on the radio is so much more entertaining. Journalists train their voices to be articulate, their language to be lively and their content to sound interesting no matter what it is. In the same journalism class, we were given a shot to try.

You can find my two attempts on the Podcast Player at the bottom of the screen:

  • Germs Around UNH Campus
  • Interview with Shelia, a housekeeper at UNH

Interview with Shelia, a housekeeper at UNH